About Dallas Moms and Dads

Thank you for stopping. First things first, yes, we’re a real mom and dad Dallas blogger. We have been married for ten years and are parents to two wonderful children, a six year-old boy and four year-old girl. They are our greatest joy and motivation every single day. We live in the Dallas suburbs and use our blog to capture all of our adventures, big and small, favorite places to play and unwind, where we love to eat (we love to eat), where we go to unwind and reconnect for couple time, and all the neat stuff we come across that might benefit other parents.

We believe in a simple philosophy of life, love and parenting.  Thread them together and you have a beautiful fabric of family and happiness.


We are two hard-working full-time parents who understand the value of work life balance. Raised in California and New York, respectively, we both relocated to the Washington, DC area in our late teens and met one fateful night in our mid-twenties. Within the blink of an eye we were engaged and married. Years later, after we’d sunbathed enough in the newlywed sun, we began having children. Before long, we were two successful, busy professionals with competing travel schedules and work commitments, with two children under two. We quickly realized it was time to pour our energy into our greatest investment, our family. We relocated to Texas in 2011 to live near Dallas Mom’s retired parents and never looked back. We’re still professionals but our title as Mom and Dad is the greatest reward and we work together to ensure we earn that special title everyday.


We are so joyfully committed to our family and believe that a solid, happy home is built on the foundation of a happy marriage. Therefore, we’re big proponents of carving time out for reconnecting as a couple, date nights and even date weekends. It’s one of the reasons for this blog and why part of our goal is to share the many options this city and surrounding areas can offer parents who are looking for ideas, both planned and last-minute to reconnect or single parents who want to jump into the dating pool again.


Though we were raised on opposite ends of this nation, Dallas mom in the sunny suburbs of California and Dallas dad in the Big Apple, we appreciate a melting pot of experiences and adventures which we try to introduce to our children since we planted our roots in Texas. As a family, we get to explore every nook and cranny together. Whether we’re having our weekly family night out at a restaurant or packing up for a short trip outside of the city, we look forward to reconnecting among the busy schedule of work, school, sports, playdates and whatever else landed in our family calendar that week. It’s our best time. Our family time.

If you would like to learn more about our family or would like to partner with us and share something we might love, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.