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Kid Mania Plano Review

Parent Review: Kid Mania

Kid Mania is fun. No, like really fun … for kids. I don’t want you thinking it’s a great outlet for parents but it tries. Kid Mania is junior American Ninja Warrior ropes meets Chuck E. Cheese dining meets mall food court seating. Here are the pros and cons after experiencing this place head on with my kiddos (on a holiday weekday no less).

What Kids Will Like

The obstacle course is the main attraction and eye candy for young kids. From floor to high warehouse ceiling, kids can walk, jump, slide and climb through a colorful course. My kids especially loved the slide.

kid mania obstacle course
Kid Mania’s obstacle course of ropes, slides and adventure. Toddler-only area not pictured.

Arcade Games
When they tire of that, they can head upstairs to the arcade, a mix of interactive and more traditional games. The arcade, though large won’t have all the new and popular games (think Main Event) but it’s big enough to keep them busy.

Kid Mania arcade and games
Kid Mania arcade upstairs boasts games as an alternate for the ropes course


Kid Mania Ride-ons
Kid Mania ride-ons for the small ones

Every kids loves a Winner Circle, even if it means redeeming 100 tickets for one of those spider rings that somehow gets lost by the time you pull into your driveway. Nonetheless, Kid Mania’s redemption area allows kids to swap their arcade tickets for prizes.

Kid Mania Redemption
Kid Mania redemption area is full of your typical prizes

Birthday Parties

Several party rooms line the back of the facility for kids who want to celebrate their big day there. Kid Mania birthday parties and other events can be booked online with a deposit.

Kid Mania blue, orange, green, and yellow birthday party rooms
Kid Mania blue, orange, green, and yellow birthday party rooms.


Kid Mania Birthday Party Room
Kid Mania birthday party room taken at entrance.

When it’s time to feast, Kid Mania has a full menu of all the typical American fare you’d expect. We didn’t dine there as we had just had lunch in Dallas but I snapped a quick picture for reference. If carnival food isn’t your thing, I suggest you eat in advance.

Kid Mania Menu
The Kid Mania menu is a mix of finger foods, pizza, and snacks.


Kid Mania cafe
Kid Mania cafe

What Parents Will Like

Parents who like to keep an eye on one or more kiddos will enjoy the center seating. Sit in the back for a full view of your children in the ropes course. This is especially convenient when kids are running back and forth between ropes entrances.

Kid Mania obstacle course
Viewing the obstacle course from the back of the facility

Parents Lounge
The parents lounge located upstairs is strictly for adults, no kids allowed. It’s also enclosed in glass so you have a somewhat decent view of the course. If your kids are upstairs at the arcade, you have a better shot of playing mama or papa bear.

Kid Mania Parent Lounge
Kid Mania parents lounge looks down on obstacle course, no kids allowed

Check In/Check Out
Similar to that other place with the lead mouse and golden tokens, parent and child’s hands are stamped with the same number and must present your hand at exit. It’s not a guarantee but the precaution is appreciated.

Located in Plano, off highway 75, Kid Mania is convenient to get to (once you get past the traffic) and has ample parking for guests on heavy days.

Kid Mania boasts about their commitment to health and cleanliness and partnered with a company to clean the entire area according to signs and statements throughout the facility. After reading the next paragraph, we really, really hope this is true.

What Parents Won’t Like

If you boast about sanitation across your facility, be sure it carries into the restrooms. Restrooms, like it or not, are my telltale sign. If you can’t keep a major area like your bathroom clean, accessible by all your customers, I have to question, how you keep your kitchen, especially when I see several staff members behind the Prizes table and Cafe talking casually (I don’t want the chef tending to the restrooms, don’t get me wrong). Kid Mania’s restroom floors were littered with toilet paper and toilets that needed attention hours if not days ago. As a germaphobe mom, I counted every minute in there with my little one. It left an impression, and not a good one.

See my comments above. As parents, we’re used to finger foods and limited healthy or dietary restricted options. Kid Mania is no exception.

About Kid Mania

7252 Chase Oaks Boulevard
Plano, Texas 75025
Call: 972-517-7800

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday & Saturday: 9am – 10pm
Sunday: 11am – 8pm

Infants with adult: Free
Ages 1 – 2 with adult: $3
Ages 3-18 with adult: $6
Ages 19 and older: $1

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