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Bobbi-Toads Girls Shoe Review Plus Discount Code

Adorable. Durable. Unique.

That is the best way to describe these girls shoes from Bobbi-Toads. It’s a brilliant product: comfy shoes that can be customized by polishing the “toe” of the shoes, also called Paintables, or applying stickers to the toes, which are called Light-ups. Those with stickers also feature toes that flash bright colors. My daughter is modeling a pair below in their Rileez style. These complimentary shoes were sent to us from Bobbi-Toads and the moment they arrived, they were hard to pull off her feet. I had to snap quickly so she could return to applying stickers. I don’t think she’s ever loved a pair of shoes so much — and she has a lot of shoes! Trust me, it’s not intentional. She grows fast and is very active. This means that her shoes go from retail store to playground, then to the donation bin, if they’re in good shape.

My biggest challenge is finding shoes that are sturdy enough for the playground, comfortable enough for a full day at preschool, and appropriate for a night out for dinner. Bobbi-Toads are a great option for all three. The canvas material holds up during playtime without being hard and uncomfortable for my little girl’s feet. Meanwhile, the glittery, shimmering material makes it casual enough as a good dinner shoe with the right outfit.

My daughter falls into a size 13 in sneakers and casual shoes. I found Bobbi-Toads to run half a size larger. This wasn’t a huge deal but worth noting, especially for those ordering online. Now, that I know the brand better, I plan to order The Paintables, since she’s really into nail polish.

In addition, I asked my daughter for her opinion of the shoes and she remarked, “I like them because the stickers fit in the toes … oh, and the lights dance.” That pretty much sums it up.

Enjoy 25% off Through 11/30

In addition to their line of polish and light up shoes, Bobbi-Toads also sells nail stickers, eco-friendly nail polish and polish remover. Dallas Moms and Dads readers can purchase Bobbi-Toads shoes and other accessories at www.bobbitoads.com and enjoy 25% off  through November 30th. Enter code DALLAS25 at checkout. Also find select styles at Shoe Dept. Encore in Ridgmar Mall and other Texas locations for $34.99.


My daughter is sporting Bobbi-Toads shoes in style Rileez
My daughter is sporting Bobbi-Toads shoes in style Rileez


Bobbi Toads with stickers
This pair of Rileez shoes feature flashy toes that light up and kids can apply adorable nail stickers.


Bobbi-Toads Shoebox
Even the box Bobbi-Toads come in is adorable.

Bobbi-Toads Paintable shoes


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