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Windmill Playground in Prosper

Amazing ‘PLAY’ces: Windmill Playground

There’s plenty of adventurous play at this park.

Windmill Playground in Frontier Park is absolutely beautiful and located just a few miles off Preston Road behind Prosper High School. If you’re visiting for the first time, be prepared to hear the joyful screams of young children as you park your car in front of several fort-like structures. This playground comes equipped with bridges, over-sized tires, misters, a splash pad and so much more.

Active children will enjoy discovering every monkey bar, slide and swing while parents will enjoy the peace of mind of only one main entrance to this huge playground, a separate but equally fun play area for toddlers, some shade during hot summer days and ample seating for parents who need a water break. If you venture out of the playground be sure to bring swimsuits and toys for the splash pad or running shoes for the short but beautiful trail which borders the small pond. If you’re planning a picnic, come with your own feast. The playground is a good distance from restaurants and fast food dining.

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1551 West Frontier Parkway
Prosper, Texas 75078



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